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AllinoneProfits: Marketing Tools and Passive Income!


  • Allinoneprofits Start up cost : $11.50 per month
    (included $1.50 payment processor fee)
  • Nature of income: Recurring Monthly Commission
  • Income potential: High (100% residual commission for each members on your POWER LINE. The poweline means, all uneven referrals sponsored by you + all even referrals sponsored by your downline passed up to you… A great Payplan!)
  • Reputation: Young ambitious company. And most importantly they have build a great reputation since 2012 of a One-Stop-Solution where you can get all the tools you need to grow your online business at a great price and to save money at the same time. Their innovative “Even-Up” compensation plan literally taken the internet industry by storm.
  • Payment Processors: Payza, SolidTrustPay, Payeer (not USA) and mobilPay card gateway.
  • Paid me out everytime!!! 

NOTICE: 50% Income generated through AIOP goes into the COOP Rotator on blog-geek for members! More info at the end.

Get your Marketing Tools here

Some Background Infos about AllinoneProfits

Allinoneprofits also known as AIOP is a legitimate international trade mark registered company founded in netherland 2012 by Johan Van Geffen and Isabella Capsuna. This company is whole internet business platform, created for beginners and advanced marketers as well.

They provide their members with essential marketing tools like web hosting, professional unlimeted autoresponder ( more about the autoresponder and the other tools a little down ), link tracker, link rotator, software and more.

Allinoneprofits helps also with spending money every month to charity projects in africa to help out with the complex problematic and humanitarian needs!

Let`s take a look at the tools aiop provide

In my opinion the first and most important marketing tool i want to introduce is

The autoreponder from aiop.

The autoresponder from allinoneprofits with the ability to let you have UNLIMETED subscribers and campaigns. That means you can build a list with 5000 or 100.000 subsribers and you pay just the same little monthly price of $11,50.

compared to other autoresponder services just as aweber or getresponse, where you pay more and more as your list grows! ( first picture aweber and second picture getresponse )



And of course both autoresponder services are top and have some things that are better than aiop`s autoresponder, but for me and a lot of other marketers is the great pricepoint and the residual income opportunity the top aspect to be a member of aiop.

The other important thing about the autoresponder are the delivery rate, that is really great and is on the same level as getresponse and aweber. You can simply edit follow up campaigns or send one-time broadcasts to your entire lists, to active or inactive subscribers.

The HTML sign up form is a little simple, but effective and i can give you advice on how to make really good looking forms for your blog or website.

The Splash Page Builder

With the splash page builder you can make easy squeeze pages without html or css knowledge. You just need to put in some images of youre choice, some text and youre good to go. If you have some HTML or CSS knowledge you can make really cool and high converting squeeze pages. If you like i can personally help you out with that, if you want to join allinoneprofits. Also you get here on traffic-geek in the memberarea personal made Squeeze Pages from me to download!

AllinoneProfits Link Tracker

If youre in the online marketing and money making niche, than you know that a link tracker is an essential tool for your business. You want to know where your visitors are coming from. With the link tracker you can see from which land, which website and how many from this websites are coming from. So you exactly know which traffic source is best for your business and which traffic source you can make better results for you.

Tip: Combine the link tracker with the tracking in the autoresponder. Than you know exactly which traffic source brings the best results for your business!!!

The only thing is, i think that can be improved, is that you only can make 10 trackerlinks in basic and 20 in premium aiop accounts and the whole tracker be also a bit improved! But you pay only $11,50 at aiop and get all the stuff there, thats more than good for starting out a good online business!

Link Rotator and Web Hosting

you have 2 rotator links in your backoffice where you can promote with one link many programs of your chioce. To save time. a good thing to choose the rotator for is, to help your downline with advertising. Simply ask your downline member for the aiop ref link and put it in the rotator and promote the link. This way you can deepen the relationship with your downline and you can get better marketing results from your list.

Another great freebie at allinoneprofits is, that you get free web hosting. This way you can save 50 bucks per year and only need to buy a domain name for 15 bucks or so. For just starting out with marketing and blogging the features you get with the hosting is good enough. You get at your hosting a cpanel  with 512 MB disk space and 5GB bandwidth tranfer.

This is enough to build a blog with a couple of hundrets blogposts and up to 100.000 visitors per month, more or less! I think for just starting out is this more than enough to make a good amount of money with your aiop hosted site.

Free Advertising and Bonuses

If you have already seen the login or testimonial site from aiop, then you have probably seen the text ads at the top the site. One of these text ads can you submit in your backoffice and it gets views from other member and visitors. As long as you are a allinoneprofits member, this text ad shows up unlimeted!

And another cool thing is, that you get also some useful plr bonuses. These bonuses you use for yourself or you can sell these bonuses. A little tip from me about these bonuses. If you become a Premium aiop member you get the instabuilder squeeze page plugin for free. This plugin creates really high converting squeeze pages easily and costs arround 50-90 bucks. A great bonus i think.

Blog-Geek Membership

If you want to join AllinoneProfits that would be a great choice, in creating passive income for you. And on your way to creating passive income i would like to help you with Blog-Geek. You can sign up here for free and start blogging, get free banneradvertising and more. But you can also take part in the AIOP Team COOP, that will help you make more money online with Teamwork.

Of course you also blog here and make money for free without beeing a part of AllinoneProfits, but you would make more money in the long run with AIOP!

Take a look at allioneprofits

and join, if you think it`s a good oppotunity!

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