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KWFinder Review – A great Keyword Tool for Research?

Hi Blog-Geek Reader,

Blogging has become more and more popular in the online world. And that is no wonder, since traffic generated through blogging is is one of the best free traffic sources on the net. So many people have started blogging, but with little or no traffic generated.

A great way and a must have for a blogger is keyword research. Today i want to write a little review about a keyword tool named KWFinder. If it`s a great tool or not, that can you decide for yourself after reading this post. So stay with me through the end of this review.

Keyword Tool Features

  • Keyword SEO difficulty
  • Find Longtail Keywords
  • Get the True Search Volume
  • Location and Language Settings
  • And you can start Free

Let`s talk about the Dashboard

Once you log into your account you see a clean and flat design starter dashboard where you can put in your first Keyword to search for.

If you ask me i really like the look of this simple and clean design. Nothing that is distracting you from your keyword search!

So once you put in a Keyword you want some information for and then click on the search button. You get to a page with important details about your keyword and also about related keywords.

As you probably can see, i have used the keyword ” safelist advertising ” as an example, since that keyword has in the overview many difficulty levels i can show you.

On the left side you see on the first position your keyword and to the right the trend of this keyword in the last 12 month. The next is the average monthly search volume ( exact match ) in the 12 month and it is important for you.

A little further to the right is the CPC ( Cost Per Click ) for this keyword and if you see the picture above, it can cost a lot on google for just one click. SO I PREFER FREE BLOGGING TRAFFIC with a little help from a great keyword tool!!!

The next is the PPC ( Pay Per Click ) advertising competetion from zero ( low competition ) to hundret ( high competition ). The last is the keyword SEO difficulty, also from 0 to 100 and 100 means very high competition. I think it is also a great idea, the use of colors in the SEO difficulty means green is the color you can try to rank your keyword for. But the more red the color gets, the less you should try to rank your keyword for!

The competition is way to high to try to get on the first page of google with your blogpost. Espescially if you just started out with your blog!

The keywords that are under your first keyword are related keywords. These can help you to find faster the best keywords to use for your blogpost. The results are from 50 results for the free account version to 500 results for the premium version.

On the right side of the dashboard you see also the SEO difficulty in a big number  and the reprensented color of the difficulty to achieve a good google ranking.

On the bottom of the big number you see in small letters the word seo difficulty. If you hover and stay on the questionsmark you see the difficulty levels from 0 – 100. So as you can see in the picture above, my advice is, don`t try to get a position for a keyword with a seo difficulty over 54. As it says in this picture that would be hard to acchieve.

In the right side of the the seo difficulty is shown the monthly search volume for the last 12 months. It shows how differant the search are from month to month as shown in the picture below.

You can see that the searches from people can for some keywords be greatly different.

In the table below you see the top 10 ranked websites for your keyword in google and how difficult it is to compete with these sites. As you can see in the picture below, you relatively easy compete with the second website on this list. The SEO difficulty rank is for this page just a 3, what make it in this example the top target.

keyword tool kwfinder


Of course you also take a closer look on the metrics and ranked websites, if you click on ” Open SERPChecker ” ( see in picture above ) to get more information.

The SERPChecker

If you open the SERPChecker, you see that this is a seperately tool from the KWFinder Keyword tool, you can also use with your membership, to get more information about your competition.

In the picture below you see the dashboard of SERPchecker:


In the SERPChecker you can take a look at the domain authority, one of the important factors to rank a site in google.

Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size.

The Dashboard shows also the page authority ( almost the same as domain authority just for the single page ), Citation Flow ( Citation Flow of Domain / Subdomain / URL being queried. It predicts how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it.  ) and other important factors to rank a website in google.

You can see with these metrics how good or bad your competion is. And to make it more simple for others, you have here also the color system from green to red. Green means of course you have good chances against the other sites.

Keyword Tool Pricing and Sign Up

In the picture below you see the anuall prices for KWFinder:

KWF Keywordtool prices

First of all what you get: As you see, you can start for with a free version to test things out with 3 lookups per 24 hours. If you think that this keyword tool is great ( as i think ), then you can upgrade to basic and do up to 100 lookups per day with. Also with 200 related keywords and 100 SERP lookups.

If you can pay the yearly price of $149 you save alot of money, to be exact you save 50%. That`s a great offer from mangols. If you can`t pay the yearly price or want to test the basic version from top to bottom you can pay the monthly fee of $29.

Once your blog business is booming and you want more keyword searches, you can upgrade to Premium with up to 500 KW Searches.

To the sign up up i don`t need to say a lot. Its a simple sign up process everybody can do. You just need to enter your mail and password and confirm your password, thats it. No hundrets of questions and other things.

The Provided Support

The Support is an important matter in online business and mangols provide a great live chat support, email suport and also FAQs and Guides. With these support options everybody can find the right answer to their problems. I have also seen on other blogposts that they think the support is great from mangols for their keyword tool.


In my view is the KWFinder from mangols a great keyword tool, that provides you with a lot of useful information about keywords and your competion. The color system is great and easy to understand for every newbie and advanced marketer. The look and feel of kwfinder is way better than any other product out there. It comes with a free version, so that anybody can try it out and decide for themself to upgrade or not.

The monthly price alone is on the same level than other tools out there or below and with the 50% off for anual fee, its a really great price for such a service.

Visit KWFinder Here

I would be happy what you think about kwfinder or you use for your keyword research! So let me know.

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